We make the transition to a
CO2 emission-free society
easier than ever.



EV Charging



We offer end-to-end electrical decarbonization solutions, via a smart combination of photovoltaic energy, wind power, EV charging solutions, energy storage and flexibilization services.


What we do

Perpetum Energy helps industrial consumers, developpers, infrastructure owners, public entities and communities, to carry out their masterplans for renewable energy and strives to exceed their CO2 reduction targets.





A one-stop shop.
Perpetum Energy is active throughout the entire value chain

We develop

We conduct in-depth analyses how to achieve a maximum decarbonization effect by implementing the right mix of technologies: Solar, Wind, Energy Storage, and e-mobility.
We further develop each opportunity from scratch with our own team and at our own risk until the project is alive. We integrate the appropriate technologies and we invest so that you have the advantage of maximum decarbonization and green energy at a competitive price, without the need to invest your own resources. On top of integrating decarbonization assets, we can offer you LGO’s from power plants we operate in the region.

We build

Since 2007, Perpetum Energy has acted as an EPC contractor for large-scale solar PV installations with extensive experience with all types of surfaces (roofs, ground, parking areas, water bodies, etc.). We offer state-of-art solutions and we aim to optimize them according to each customer's needs. We are now extending our know-how to encompass wind turbines, storage, flexibilization, e-mobility, and more.

We invest & operate

We confirm our strong commitment by investing in all the projects we develop. We build high-quality projects and strongly belief in their lifelong performance. Our investment funds have the financial strength and track-record to be a solid counterparty, and we are agile enough to release funds quickly.

We monitor & maintain

Our in-house service department maintains renewable energy assets and monitors them in real time. We can therefore offer high-level performance guarantees throughout the lifetime of these assets.
Active throughout the entire value chain, Perpetum meets all your needs. We will be happy to provide you with an A-to-Z decarbonization solution, and a simple EPC offer for your renewable energy project.

Our projects in the spotlight

Aperam - Genk, BE


PV Ground

PV Roof

PV Carports

EV Charging

Energy Storage


23 MWp

  • EPC
  • O&M

Green energy at Aperam, Genk

This installation in Genk commissioned by Aperam was not only – as every project is – challenging regarding budget and planning; it was also challenging in terms of its complexity and technical aspects. Several large factory roofs with solar panels, ground-mounted panels, a large carport with over 80 EV charging points and an energy storage project all resulted in a 23 MWp operational site.

Condor - Hasselt, NL


PV Roof


4.5 MWp

  • EPC
  • O&M

Condor Carpets in Hasselt operating with green energy

As result of a collaboration between Investeer in Energie, Restructuringsmaatschappij Overijssel (HMO) and Perpetum, a solar roof with 13,316 solar panels was built in 2020 at Condor Carpets in Hasselt, the Netherlands.

Vattenfall-Netterden - Gendringen, NL


PV Floating


1.2 MWp

  • EPC
  • O&M

On-site sustainably generated energy, good for half of annual consumption

This was the first floating solar installation built for Vattenfall. The installation, with a capacity of 1.2 MWp, was built on the site of a sand and gravel extraction company (Netterden Zand & Grind). With the construction of the installation, half of the annual energy consumed will be generated sustainably on-site, fully in line with Perpetum Energy’s vision.

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PAIRI DAIZA – Gagnant du Grand Prix du Public aux Green Solutions Awards 2022-2023

Le carport photovoltaïque de Pairi Daiza a reçu ce 19 septembre le Prix du Public de l’infrastructure durable 2023 des Green Solutions Awards, cérémonie qui s’est déroulée sur le site de Tour&Taxis, à Bruxelles. Les Green Solutions Awards sont des prix remis par Construction21, le réseau d’information et de rencontres des acteurs de la construction […]

Construction du plus grand parc solaire flottant d’Europe

Perpetum Energy en partenariat avec Q-Energy, Solutions30 Group et Ciel&Terre International est fier de contribuer à la construction de la plus grande installation flottante d’Europe. Cette installation sera construite sur le site d’anciennes gravières appartenant aux Etablissements Blandin situés en France, dans le département de la Haute-Marne, et sera répartie sur 6 îlots. Nombre de […]