Decarbonizing industry by implementing multi-technology solutions

Who we are

Founded in 2007, Perpetum Energy has become a key player on the market of industrial decarbonization. In recent years, Perpetum Energy has grown by more than 30%. We have built some of the largest decarbonization projects in Belgium and our market is quickly extending within Europe, into Africa and beyond. The keys to our success are undoubtedly our independence and agility. These give us leverage to bring a refreshing approach to the market, focusing purely on the interests of our client, without any conflicts of interest.
Perpetum Energy is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified.

What we do

We focus on electrical decarbonization solutions. We seamlessly integrate renewable energy (PV, wind), storage solutions and e-mobility solutions. We provide added value in every step of the value chain for renewable energy. We are a project developer, contractor and investor. As an EPC contractor, we have long-standing experience in building complex and top-quality projects throughout the Benelux and in several other countries in Europe and Africa, where we follow up with our key-account customers.

We excel

Or rather, our people excel! Our teams are outstanding when it comes to complex projects for demanding counterparties. We love to find solutions for the challenges that heavy consumer industry and energy-consuming communities are facing. Our power lies in our total unburdening. And still, all our solutions are tailor-made. We make a difference with our off-balance solutions where we invest in all the projects undertaken. This shows our strong commitment and our financial soundness.

Empowered by our mission

We believe it is our duty to identify the opportunities with maximum decarbonization potential for the industry and for the market in general. To achieve this, we strive to integrate multi-technology assets on-site, and PPA solutions will give us leverage to that end.

Our goal for 2025 is to become a strategically important player within the EU. To achieve this, we will further invest to diversify the technology integration with PV, wind, batteries and e-mobility. We will also continue investing in data acquisition and software ensuring seamless integration within a consumer context, for maximum value generation.

We will keep on proposing Energy as a Service and e-Mobility as a service.



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