A common point that arises when discussing renewable energy sources is the intermittent nature of supply. By incorporating batteries in your energy solution, we can greatly extend the possibilities. Our solutions include:

1. Managing supply and demand:

  • Improving own consumption of cheap and green energy by moving energy production and consumption closer together.
  • At the same time we can avoid peaks in power consumption with clever algorithms.
  • Buying energy at low prices and consuming when prices are high.

Solar and wind energy flowing to battery and back into factory.

2. Grid balancing services:

The grid is never in perfect balance. To maintain this balance of supply and demand, grid operators employ Balance Response Partners to take or supply energy minute-by-minute or even second-by-second.

Batteries are ideally suited for this task. Together with our partners, we can install batteries with a profit model for these grid balancing services.


Energy flowing back and forth between battery and grid.