Perpetum on the move

Perpetum is a fast growing company. So a new workplace is on the agenda.
It was therefore decided to team up (of ‘join forces’)with the renowned Ghent architectural firm, CAAN, to design and build the new offices. We look forward to moving to our new workplace at the end of 2022. This move means a lot to our growth and daily operation. Naturally, we equip the building with our latest technologies related to renewable energy. All roofs and walls are equipped with solar panels. All parking spaces with charging stations. A battery is provided to absorb the extra production of electricity produced by the solar panels. For sustainability, the complete home automation is built with LED lighting and the geothermal with a BEO field. In the meantime, work is progressing smoothly on the 1900m2 building, which houses 1300m2 of offices and 600m2 of warehouse and workshop. Everything is being prepared for our next (literal) move!

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