Solar and wind

Perpetum has a long track-record with installing photovoltaic panels on all available surfaces. We work in a wide range of conditions as we optimize energy production within a given space. Roofs and land are the most commonly used surfaces for installing solar panels.
With new technologies such as automated drone flights that create a 3D map of the area, we are able to generate accurate models of the environment. This allows us to better model plant design and expected outputs thanks to a high level of knowledge of on-site obstacles.
Do you have a large piece of land or a sizeable roof? Contact us so we can help you transform this space for the useful production of cheap and clean energy.

Both solar and wind energy production flowing to the factory.

PV Floating

Floating solar PV is a newer and yet very useful type of location for the production of energy. Perpetum holds a track-record for multiple floating solar installations and has experience in handling the associated challenges. Constructing and moving the installation in water? Avoiding water damage to connectors? Handling soiling from fauna and flora? You can trust us to keep your installation running at peak efficiency without any worries.


PV Carport

Solar carports? Of course!

Parking spaces are not wasted space - they can be a great source of power. Be sure to check out our recent projects to get a glimpse of what some of the largest PV carports in the world might look like.
In addition to generating energy at a low price point, they are great for your public image. Have you considered combining a PV carport with EV chargers?



With our advanced AI algorithms developed together with our partners, we can forecast production output. As it is important to keep the grid in a constant balance of supply and demand, the market requires that consumers and producers communicate their intended offtake or injection well in advance. When users do not comply with their initial energy budget, they are forced to purchase energy on the ‘imbalance market’. This is a short-term ’15-minute’ market for buying and selling energy.
We can work together with your energy department to keep these costs as low as possible by estimating the solar plant’s energy production in advance through AI models.


Combined wind and solar power

Your site may be better suited for wind power than you initially expected. Perpetum Energy can help you identify your site's potential of your site as well as the most suitable profits.
Did you know that wind and solar power are an ideal complementary duo for energy production? While solar power is, of course, most productive in spring and summer, wind produces most of its energy during fall and winter. Do you want the best distribution of green energy throughout the year? Contact us for a study on wind energy on your site.


Wind energy production


Solar energy production


Combined wind and solar energy production